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Topeka Wedding    Portrait Photographer


You want a wedding photographer who is fun and who can capture the joy of your wedding day


You deserve to have a blast on your wedding day.

Weddings are already so stressful and one thing you shouldn't have to worry about during the day is having to focus and work hard for great photos.

You deserve to have someone who is able to capture it and be a part of the fun rather than taking you away from it.


I just got married in 2020 so I completely understand how difficult planning a wedding is on top of how awkward it can be to be in front of the camera!

When you work with me, I'll send you a guide to help you plan for the best photographic experience. From what to wear to your engagement session, timeline planning, what to expect, what to bring and more! 

Meet Marisa

Photos that truly capture your relationship and the way you interact together.

If you're looking for a wedding experience that is fun and captures every detail you want to remember for the rest of your journey together, I'd love to hear from you!

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